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Dubai is Booming!

Here’s a hilarious video of a few of my friends killing some time in a cafe in Beirut during the wave of car bombs that took place a couple of years back. Enjoy.

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You Know in Libanon You Can Ski and Swim in Ze Same Day?

This post was first published on November 4th 2009 on my personal blog. It has since been forwarded as an email, on Facebook and ,again, plagiarized by the unimaginative.

A few years back I wrote a piece called “Becoming Lebanese: A Step-by-Step Guide”. After I posted the thing on my blog, it went viral on a couple of social networks and gained a new life as an internet forward, which still puts a smile on my face when I receive them from the oddest of sources. A few unscrupulous souls even claimed the piece as their own and printed it in various places. But who cares, the point is, we Lebbos love making fun of ourselves from the time to time. Or so I thought.

It’s interesting to see how people read a satirical piece of that kind. I’ve bumped into friends who’ve read and it and said “ya man, zat’s so true. There’s lots of Lebanese zouzous man”, completely oblivious to the fact they are the butt of this particular joke. Herein lies our major problem as a nation: we are convinced we have no flaws, and if we admit some flaws they’re a cute by-product of our awesomeness.

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