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Kings of Convenience

Here’s one of my favourite tracks by Bergen, Norway-based band Kings of Convenience. The perfect music to soothe the irate Lebanese motorist. I think if we were all playing this or bossa nova on our radios instead of the latest Tiesto offering, we’d probably be far more chilled out.

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Public Service Announcement

Greetings all. This post is a public service announcement of sorts. When I first came up with the idea for this blog, I was still fresh off the boat in the Lebanese capital. In short, I was petrified, exhilarated and frustrated in equal measure at the prospect of being in Beirut. In the few months since then I’ve actually settled in quite nicely, and I’m proud to call the city home. Fret not though, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have regular misgivings about the way life unfolds here, I still honk my horn at motorists running red lights in the hope that I can singlehandedly improve our roads. A traffic light vigilante, if you will. I still recoil when I see overly made-up women trotting around the shopping malls, mobile travesties of womanhood.

However, I’ve also come to realize that incessant ranting probably gets a bit boring to read. I’m also pretty worried about becoming overly repetitive. So, what I’m trying to say basically is that from now on I will be dealing with a wider range of subjects than my pet peeve of the day. You’ll have to put up with my musings on my hatred of the film Avatar for example. Pocahontas meets Operation Enduring Freedom in a world populated by oversized Smurfs. You’ll have to endure my extolling of the virtues of various dance forms I’ve been introduced to since I’ve been in town (expect a post on the upcoming Tango Festival in Lebanon). Expect me to rave about the soothing sounds of the Norwegians behind the band Kings of Convenience, incidentally they’re ideal music for rush-hour traffic in Beirut. I guarantee all your homicidal road rage will slowly waft away. I’ll be sharing thoughts on goings on around town, film and music releases, interesting articles and videos I’ve stumbled on.

Naturally, I’m still a man in Beirut. So anything I do write is written with that specific worldview. And I won’t be able to help myself from ranting occasionally, to exorcize my demons and yours.

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