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The Running Horse

The Running Horse Contemporary Art Space gallery is located in Medawar district of Beirut, better known to those of us unfamiliar with local zoning laws as the area near B018. It is the brain-child of Lea Sednaoui, a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martin’s, and a very welcome addition to the city’s long-neglected art scene. Sednaoui has curated exhibits by foreign as well as local artists, which is just as well because in my opinion art’s primary concern should be intercultural dialogue. You can catch interviews with Lea in Bespoke, NowLebanon and on the fashion website Dia Diwan. I’ll make sure to pass by the gallery this week and collect some of her musings for this blog.

The gallery has featured photography by Balthasar Burkhard and there is currently a showing of paintings by Benoit Debbane. I’d love to give you the address to the place, but as always in Lebanon its a haphazard array of “next to the big tree” and “second left after the man on the plastic chair”. So I’ll let you guys visit the Space’s website and download the very helpful map.

In Loving Memory, Paintings by Benoit Debbane runs until November 29.

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Beirut Art Center – December 2009

Check out the schedule for goings-on at the Beirut Art Center next month. Born in Flames looks like a must-see to me.

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