Reel Festival 2011.

Reel Festival 2011.

The Reel Festival kicks off tonight at the Metropolis Cinema in Sofil. Check out the schedule over the coming days, and keep your eyes peeled for my coverage of the event over at

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  1. Bobo
    December 3, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    M.F.S. and how to obtain it
    -Love all your work , your a breath of fresh air ( i.e. oxygen ) ill be in the Que to buy your book next week.
    Im a Brit living in Lebanon since 1999,, LOVE the country , love the food, the people ,the driving , ….. cos ive had the vaccine !!
    Taken at the Airport on arrival and given a booster every 2 years or so , vital to make the adjustment to Life in Beirut .

    How to live in a country where 5 people waiting for the escalator expect to enter before 5 persons have exited …. where every woman expects to park next to the hairdryer , /Check out till , where my wife feels my Range will sell for more money cos the horn hasn’t been used,where check-in at the airport is who you know not what time you arrived ,and 20kg max bags reads a variation somewhere close to 30..-with at least 25 good reasons why it should be accepted only in Lebanon , how is this possible ?? M.F.S . every Lebanese is born with this particularly Males, and especially politicians , so simply take the vaccine ,for “” Me First Syndrome,”” and have the time of your life in the original plastic city.

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