Flying Kebab – Episode 5

Flying Kebab is a narrative web series that follows the adventures of a Brazilian photographer, Nando, played by Fernando Borges, as he tries to make sense of his heritage and his inheritence on the streets of Beirut.

The series kicks off as Nando is informed of a mysterious inheritance left to him thousands of miles away in Lebanon. As he attempts to translate the official Arabic document in vain, he decides to pack up and make his way to Beirut to solve the mystery and figure out if he’s suddenly in the green.

The cinematography throughout is impressive, especially for an internet mini series on a shoe-string budget (which you can help beef up on the project’s official page). The saturated hues and handheld camera give every frame a real gritiness.

The episode I’ve linked is the fifth in the series, make sure you watch the previous four if you haven’t come across them already.

The series is directed by São Paulo-based Matheus Siqueira.

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