Duet For Cello

Duet for Cello is a new Lebanese feature film being directed by Wafa’a Halawi, who I met a few days ago with a friend. She’s got all the funding in place and its almost done, and by looks of things its going to be quite something.

According to the director, it’s an exploration of relationships in Beirut. I’m very happy to see that Lebanese cinema is veering away from the sentimentality and self-pity of war movies. Although a cinematic exploration of the civil war is healthy, cathartic and therapeutic, we have such a rich tapestry of themes to explore around this place that I’m happy people are finally getting around to putting them in celluloid form.

Correction: Just got an email from Wafa’a. She hasn’t got all the funding in place, my mistake. I’m getting old and going deaf in my right ear, plus the fact I was downing a vodka-7up at the time of the conversation probably didn’t help my understanding of the technicalities of film-making. So anyone out there who likes the teaser trailer and fancies themselves as a bit of a film producer, get in touch!

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